Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take me out to the Ball Game

About the same time Grace started team tumbling, Sage started comp baseball...which is a whole new ball game compared to what we have done in the past.
 They have been practicing indoors since January
 Right off the bat (loving the puns ha ha), they had a tournament in St. George over Easter weekend. Thank goodness it was warm because the games here are freezing!
 Sage is, of course loving it, practices one night a week with double headers twice a week plus a few tournaments thrown in...that's a whole lot of baseball!
 He is learning a ton, catching, pitching, playing outfield, second and learning to hit, steal bases and I guess everything there is to learn at this age.
 I love living where we live but when we add 20-30 mins just to get to everything...
Let's just say I am trying to figure out how to do great things in my car!
Life is crazy around here, why must everything happen in the, baseball, tumbling, dance and piano recitals, school events!
I can hardly wait for summer!

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