Monday, March 11, 2013



Sophie Sugarplum Fairy

She was sitting next to a box (she would not sit still in it)! When we went downstairs, the kids were all VERY quiet at first I think they were all in shock and did not believe she was real!

She was instantly loved by everyone!

Santa had a very hard time waiting for her to come...she was picked out long before she came to live at our house!

It was worth the wait seeing Sage, Grace and Zoe meet our new puppy Christmas magical!

Christmas 2012

We had lots of fun Christmas parties with family and friends.

This was Sage's hair growing phase...thank goodness I have convinced him to cut it!

We got a special surprise all the way from the North Pole...

Halloween 2012

Sage had a few costumes this all worked out!

 Zoe was the cutest Tree Fairy ever and JJ did an awesome job painting her face!

  My sweet little Gypsy Grace!

He makes a pretty cute girl, my three girls!