Thursday, January 10, 2013

Double Digits Baby

It's hard to believe this kid turned 10 in October.

He is growing up way too fast as keeping with his personality...he does everything FAST and LOUD! He is still crazy and full of energy all the time. He loves to play football, basketball, and baseball. This year he gave up soccer, it conflicted too much with football and baseball. He swims VERY FAST, he skis VERY, VERY FAST! He loves to play with his friends, tease his sisters and avoid reading.

Sage is a great kid, he continually teaches me patience, keeps me laughing and helps put life into perspective. He also makes us totally crazy, is very good at not hearing when he is asked to do something and keeps us all on our toes!

Football this year was awesome, his team was SO close to going to the mini bowl. They had a great year and Sage loved every second of it.
 When he plays football, from the second conditioning begins to the very last game, he LOVES it!

 No matter how tough the practice, how late, how tired he is...NEVER has he complained about going to practice. NEVER has he complained about being tired!

After the last game I got to hug my sweaty, sweet, incredibly amazing kid and he cried...the thing I am most sad about is our season being over, me too buddy! Until next year!
Oh and he got braces and a jaw expander, he is one tough kid because not once has he complained about his mouth hurting. I wish I could say he got that from me but my I remember my teeth and mouth hurting like crazy!

Sage, you are amazing! You are an incredible kid who can and will do great things! I am so lucky I get to be your mom, I love you to the moon and back kiddo!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Remodel

This summer we were consumed in chaos...

This beauty was parked in our back yard or our driveway at various points making life ever more challenging. It seems like we were always moving cars and doing our best to stay out of the way!

 This was my kitchen, great room at what I like to call my LOW point! My entire floor torn out, kitchen island torn out, base boards, doors, pantry...all destroyed! I have anxiety when I see these pictures and can't believe we lived through this!

 We lived out of boxes, bins and suitcases for a few months.

We tore out the back yard and started over, hauled in lots of rocks, moved our tramp redid the play area and dug a hole for the addition as well as a huge hole for our detached garage (which is still in progress).

We had this monster excavator in our yard for many months, we grew fond of the big yellow guy.

With the mountain behind us and a house, deck and patio in the way it was like puzzle pieces to move dirt, rocks and machines around.

The first room we finished was a guest bath, which used to be our main bath. JJ tore out the tub, moved the door, moved all the electrical, plumbing, new slate, new cabinet and fresh paint and it is perfect.

Our new island in the kitchen was next. It is amazing, we absolutely love it and it works so well for our family. It was a lot of work, we had to tear out our pantry and move a wall to make it work, but it was well worth it! Thanks to my uncle Mark for his invaluable design skills, this was his vision, his custom beauty.

On the other side of the house, big things were happening...for instance we were missing walls, walking on bare floor boards and basically camping in our house! It was truly insane, we were out of places to put anything. JJ and I had to move out of our closet (where to put all the clothes), in fact I am still looking for things we shoved away. We all moved into one bathroom downstairs, we had builders in and out of our house, our bedroom, it was really nuts!

Sage's old bedroom upstairs had to be torn into to turn the closet into a hall, Grace ended up with his room upstairs and it turned out darling! The only room upstairs that was not touched was Zoe's bedroom (what used to be both the girls to share). Aside from that every other room got either new floors, new paint, new walls or all of the above.

I lose track of the order of how this all came together, I think our bedroom was one of the last rooms finished because we had so much crap stored all over it.

Our bathroom, love it...I liked it before but it is beautiful.

Other than the island in the kitchen, all of our cabinets were done by Canyon Craft Cabinets and we were thrilled with the results. When we built our house, we did natural cherry cabinets throughout. This time around I went the other direction and used different woods and colors in every room and I love them all!

Love my shoe racks and my window in my ridiculously large closet!

My girls bathroom, one of the main reasons we went through this huge undertaking. We had our ridiculously small main bath (which is now the guest bath) which was not functional at all!

It is such a cute, fun bathroom that can grow with them. I was able to design all of the outlets in all the right places, tons of storage for the teen years and a built in pull out step in the cabinet for Zoe (our personal fave).

JJ worked his butt off, he did all of the tile (three bathrooms), all of the hardwood (kitchen and laundry), lots of the finish work and painting.

 I also have to say without JJ's parents and my parents we would never have survived! They are all amazing workers! JJ's parents would show up on a weekend and would not leave until we got stuff done! His mom was so great at helping me focus because I had a serious case of ADD and could not focus on anything, I think we would still have unpainted walls if it wasn't for her. JJ's dad and my dad worked right along side JJ with whatever task he was working on. Those men are amazing and there is nothing they can't do! My mom is a bit like me, or I like her and was easily overwhelmed with the mess, but she was so much help taking the kids and keeping them away when our house was just too much to deal with!

One of the other reasons we did this, my laundry room and it is AMAZING!

I LOVE it!

It really does make me happy, well as happy as you can be doing laundry! But who knew how nice it would be to use to wrap all of the Christmas gifts this year!

Along with the addition upstairs, Sage got a new bedroom downstairs. It is very cool.

It is huge, bright and he loves it!

Looking back now, I can't believe we did what we did, it doesn't seem quite real that we lived in the mess we did! But here we are, we survived, we learned patience (well tried) and we have what feels almost like a new house.

Lucky for us, we got our yard back too, just in time for winter!

It is hard to explain why we decided to remodel and add on, it would have been a whole lot easier to start over and move! But we absolutely LOVE where we live, love our lot, love our neighborhood. We have many good friends here and our kids all have BEST friends here. Of course, they can find new friends but I tend to think our neighborhood is unique and we love being here!

We built our house when we were very young, we were one of a few houses in the subdivision at the time (lucky for us we got such great friends and neighbors). We built our house before we had kids and life changed for us. For the most part, we loved our house, there were just a few things that drove me nuts! The bathroom situation was one and it wasn't going to get any easier as the kids got older. I know what two teenage girls require in a bathroom! The laundry room downstairs was not my favorite either.

Anyway, to make a very long story short (er) we did it, we love it and I am so happy we did not attempt to start over. It was hard enough doing what we did and making all of the decisions we had to if we could just finish our garage! (I will save that post for another day)

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from our house to yours!

It has been months since I have posted anything, I'm sorry it was taking way too much time and I was no longer enjoying it. But I also learned that blogging was a great way to keep track of life, it was a great excuse to take more pictures (and actually use them). I guess I miss it and JJ says he really misses my posts! I am going to try to simplify my photo uploads and with any luck I will be better. I have a few months to catch up on so bear with can be considered a year in review of sorts!