Monday, May 7, 2012

Missing in Action

I am sorry it has been forever since I have posted anything. I will try to be better to the 3 people I have left reading this blog!

I am sure I have said this before but Spring is crazy, busy around here. The kids play soccer, there are dance performances and Sage started playing baseball in a different league this year which is (pardon the pun) but a whole new ballgame with long practices and games a few nights a week! Not sure I was prepared for it (not that it matters).

Photobucket Combine the usual spring chaos with this...and you might say I am slightly nuts!

We built our house 12 years ago, I am in no way saying our house is old and we love our house, well almost all of it! That being said, we built our house before we had kids, we built our house when we were very young, we watched our neighborhood build around us, it was our first house...what did we know, mistakes were bound to be made! Lucky for us, we got most of it right and it turns out we have an incredible neighborhood with the best friends and neighbors anyone could ask for! Our kids have a dozen friends in all directions and we decided that is most definitely important to us.
Photobucket So to make a long story (many months so far) shorter, we are adding on to our house on one end, new bathroom, new laundry/craft room and new master bath and closet. We are also building a detached garage and exercise/tumbling, dance studio above. Our yard is completely torn up and will be very different when we finish, we are eliminating the huge grass hill we had in the back and building rock walls. I can hardly wait to mow the grass with almost no hills at all!'

I will try to be better about keeping this up so that eventually when this is all finished I can look back with a smile, right now I am just wishing things would move faster than a snails pace!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dance revue


Grace and Zoe did a little mini dance clinic with our local high school dance group, the Troyettes, their aunt Raegan was once a Troyette! I knew Grace would love it but wasn't sure if Zoe would...she surprised us all and danced her little heart out!

Photobucket Spring is in full swing, last week Zoe danced at the assisted living center and this week Grace will be competing at Lagoon. Sage is playing baseball learning catcher and pitcher positions, I need to take some pics of him.

Photobucket Grace and JJ went to a daddy daughter dance at the school last week, Grace was very excited and had lots of fun!