Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow Day

Photobucket We had our first "Snow Day" today...before Halloween!

Sage has not been home since about 8:30 this morning (it is now after 4)...he has been out playing in the snow with his gang of friends! I have checked on him a few times but boy that kid is going to be wet and tired after this snow day! Photobucket The girls have been out a few times but they get tired of being the mean time we made a few glitter pumpkins, they turned out very cute and it was VERY messy! I will probably find glitter for a long time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday


 My baby turned 4! I can't believe it, she is my sweet, sassy little sidekick! She loves preschool and playing with friends.

She wanted a princess party but her best friend and cousin are they made it work.

Lucky for me, JJ came home to help entertain the kids...he was in charge of face painting; I was impressed. We celebrated Zoe's birthday in style with grandparents, dinners out and lots of goodies!

Zoe let Sage give her the football player look.

My mom and Zoe's birthdays are a day apart so we celebrated the best way we know how...

We closed down the pool, it was the perfect end to the perfect season!

Did I mention my baby girl can swim! No life jacket, no fuss, she jumps off the diving board by herself! She can swim the length of the pool now and she learned that before she was 4! She always said when she was 4 she would do all kinds of things, I guess she was impatient for her birthday because she did them all before!

Love you Zoe, you are a sweet little girl...who may or may not be very spoiled!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School

Photobucket I know I have been a huge slacker all summer, I will try to be better...this summer has been really crazy (I will post pics soon) but now that we are back in school we have settled into our new crazy! Photobucket

 Sage started 4th grade and so far so good. We are still adjusting to school, reading, homework and football practice 3 nights a week! Photobucket

 Grace started 2nd grace, she is a model student and still loves school, reading, socializing and is involved in way too many things! It is a scheduling nightmare trying to fit it all in right now...Piano, tumbling, dance and soccer (she is good at all of it so I can't make her choose yet)! Photobucket

 My baby started preschool last week! She was so excited and she is now anxiously awaiting her birthday this week, we are staying busy so far with dance, tumbling and preschool. Photobucket

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dancing and Ball Games

Photobucket Last week the girls finished dance for the year with their dance revue. Photobucket They were both darling and did a great job! Photobucket Zoe was not scared at all with an auditorium full of people, she is a performer for sure!
  PhotobucketWe have been watching lots of ball games too between Sage and JJ.

Photobucket Sage is having a great year so far and is really enjoying baseball.

Photobucket He has been pitching and playing catcher a lot. His uncles were both catchers so they have been helping him and giving him tips... which he really loves, he really listens and works on what they tell him.

Photobucket I love this picture, he is so serious, sweaty and cute!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Missing in Action

I am sorry it has been forever since I have posted anything. I will try to be better to the 3 people I have left reading this blog!

I am sure I have said this before but Spring is crazy, busy around here. The kids play soccer, there are dance performances and Sage started playing baseball in a different league this year which is (pardon the pun) but a whole new ballgame with long practices and games a few nights a week! Not sure I was prepared for it (not that it matters).

Photobucket Combine the usual spring chaos with this...and you might say I am slightly nuts!

We built our house 12 years ago, I am in no way saying our house is old and we love our house, well almost all of it! That being said, we built our house before we had kids, we built our house when we were very young, we watched our neighborhood build around us, it was our first house...what did we know, mistakes were bound to be made! Lucky for us, we got most of it right and it turns out we have an incredible neighborhood with the best friends and neighbors anyone could ask for! Our kids have a dozen friends in all directions and we decided that is most definitely important to us.
Photobucket So to make a long story (many months so far) shorter, we are adding on to our house on one end, new bathroom, new laundry/craft room and new master bath and closet. We are also building a detached garage and exercise/tumbling, dance studio above. Our yard is completely torn up and will be very different when we finish, we are eliminating the huge grass hill we had in the back and building rock walls. I can hardly wait to mow the grass with almost no hills at all!'

I will try to be better about keeping this up so that eventually when this is all finished I can look back with a smile, right now I am just wishing things would move faster than a snails pace!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dance revue


Grace and Zoe did a little mini dance clinic with our local high school dance group, the Troyettes, their aunt Raegan was once a Troyette! I knew Grace would love it but wasn't sure if Zoe would...she surprised us all and danced her little heart out!

Photobucket Spring is in full swing, last week Zoe danced at the assisted living center and this week Grace will be competing at Lagoon. Sage is playing baseball learning catcher and pitcher positions, I need to take some pics of him.

Photobucket Grace and JJ went to a daddy daughter dance at the school last week, Grace was very excited and had lots of fun!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Three and counting


Zoe is my daily sidekick, we don't do much without the other...she tags along with me to exercise and running errands and I in turn tag along with her at home playing babies, reading books or coloring.


I have mentioned her sassy side, we better watch out she says Cooper is her boyfriend (thank goodness she has good taste)!


And just when I have heard way too many fits for one day...she gives me this face and says, I'll be nice now mom and yes, I do fall in love with her sweetness all over again.


Three years old is the best of times and the worst of times all rolled into one. Luckily they are so cute it tips the scales in their favor and we all survive!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Gracie Girl


My Gracie Girl turned 7!


We took 11 kids to Kangaroo Zoo, everyone had a great time; the best part was we didn't have to clean anything up at home.


Grace continues to be my sweetest, most tender-hearted child by far.

She is a great reader and scores at the top of her class, she makes homework and reading so easy and there is never an argument to get it done.


Zoe is the luckiest little sister around to have Grace as her big sister, she is amazing with her and Zoe adores Grace.


Grace is a huge help when it's time to clean up or get chores done, you never have to ask her twice.

She has a wardrobe we all wish we could have!

She loves to tumble, dance, do crafts, color, and play with her many friends.


Happy Birthday, Grace...we love you!


Sorry it's been a while...


JJ and I went to St. John...this should hold you over until I get more photos up!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe!
Thanks for being a great Mom, Friend, and Wife

We hope you have great one, we love you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zoe Skis


My baby can ski...
She has been talking about trying it for a while now (with any luck we will get some snow this week so we can try again).


She got lots of encouragement from big brother Sage


and Grace was her biggest cheerleader!


Can she really be old enough for skiing, without holding on to Papa and Dad?

My baby is growing up and it makes me a little sad. She was invited to a Dora Carnival birthday party the other day. She was so excited to go and I was a little nervous. It was so strange to drop her off and leave to take the other kids to tumbling...I just kept telling them how weird it was not to have Zoe.

I realized it was one of those milestone moments, my baby didn't need me (sigh).


Don't grow up too fast baby girl, you will always be my baby!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year


We celebrated the New Year with a party on the eve of the new year with JJ's family. It was great fun to get together, play games and stay up way too late (Sage and Grace made it past midnight).


We went ice skating New Year's Day with family and friends...


Sage was a natural, even Grace and Zoe tried it...JJ did not love it!


It felt great to get out in the sunshine after a long vacation indoors.

We made it through the first day back to reality with work and school, homework and everything non-vacation means. I am surprised to say that I was NOT ready for my kids to go back to school, I had the best vacation and loved every moment of hanging out with my kids and JJ.

On another note, JJ gave me and himself new iPhones for Christmas, the 4S to be exact, I am falling in love with apple all over again. Siri (the "answer" lady in the phone) does not however like me very much, she seems partial to JJ and answers all of his questions with no trouble, I will work on winning her over.

But, the pics I took ice skating were with my new phone...while they not the best, they are MUCH better than my old phone's nice to have the capability.

Happy New Year to our family and friends...we wish you a wonderful new year!