Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Papa is the best, he bought the kids private ski lessons. Sage has had lessons before and he is a better skier that any of us would like to admit (like he goes way too fast and can beat Papa in a race)! Thank goodness for helmets!

This was Grace's first time skiing and it went pretty well, she had a small breakdown with dad but then pulled it together and was very proud of herself. She did great and had fun her teacher.

Fast forward to today, Papa took her up for another lesson and let's just say she had a meltdown that no amount of hot chocolate could mend. She decided she needed dad to help her again so they gave up for the day. It looks like we will be up at Snowbasin this weekend for more lessons...the kids and crew on the slopes, Zoe and I will enjoy the comfort of the lodge.


It has been years, many, many years since I have skied downhill and I am just not sure...I am not sure I ever really loved it. It is a huge investment, I hate going fast so I am already hopeless at keeping up with Sage. But I guess if I want to ski with my kids, I better hurry up so I can keep up with Grace...or maybe I can wait a few more years for Zoe!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Is it just me or is January the month that never ends...it seems like it has been going forever.
I can't really complain, no one has been sick. We are getting back into our everyday routine and keeping busy, Sage started indoor soccer last week. Grace has been sporting her ski gear waiting to go up to the mountain for the first time. This week's ski plans did not work out, hopefully this next week she and Sage can go up. Zoe will most likely be devastated being left behind.
But oh how I long for February, it is the best month...that may or may not have something to do with my birthday being in February! It just has so much more to offer, Valentine's Day (who does not love that) and it makes me feel like Spring is just around the corner. I am also looking forward to a vacation this February...

Two tickets booked to Costa Rica...that's right two, no kids for a whole week. I am so excited, but I also get anxiety just thinking about leaving this cute little face for a whole week! (especially considering we have not left her for one night ever and we have never left any of the kids for this long...about time, I know!)

Thank goodness for grandparents, who are willing to step in and take care of our little monkeys. I am working on "the schedule" now...and will keep you posted as to my excitement and anxiety level!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

dancing fingers

This is how I found my kids this morning...
I think they love the iphones and ipods just as much as we do
(no, they don't all have one of their own, but luckily we have just enough)
And you should see their little fingers dance!

(even Zoe can slide the ipod to unlock, maybe one day I will be as fast as they are)

Friday, January 8, 2010

ilove my iphone

I really love my iphone, it is incredible!


As I mentioned, I am technically challenged so in no way have I mastered it (does anyone) but it is so much fun! We have mobileme and Jeremy and I can sync our home calendars and work etc. which makes it so nice for me. Jeremy may decide it is not so great, he can't claim he didn't know about something if I schedule it for him!

Now if I can just figure out my new camera lens and my new video camera. Actually, I really need to figure out what to do with my old video camera and the mini tapes.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

smoking with Papa

The other day, Jeremy picked up the girls from my parents house...

On the drive home he asked Grace, what did you guys do today?


After a short delay, Grace said, I can't remember much but I went to the barn and smoked with Papa!
Papa is in so much trouble...

(note: they built a big fire in the barn, which smokes like crazy)