Wednesday, October 28, 2009

our little monkey

I had to get this on tape to share before it is gone since she is trying to walk.

Zoe is so funny and no one can believe the scooting around like a monkey until they see it (it is even better in person). 

I especially loved her going in circles for this video she is a monkey for sure!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Help Grandpa Day

Every year my grandpa has a help grandpa day, some years he has a huge crop of apples that need to be picked, washed and sorted. He also has other tasks for everyone, but other than the apples, I think it is just a great excuse to get together!

My cousin Jennifer took all of these really great pictures, she is awesome.

This year since it was so close to Halloween, all of the great, grandkids brought their costumes (luckily I threw ours in at the last minute, although I forgot a few pieces).

Grandpa even got a pinata for the occasion...



We love help grandpa day, or help grandpa play day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lost Tooth

Sage lost his first tooth at today at school.

It's about time too since his permanent one was coming in behind it!

He was so excited when he came home, he called both grandmas and grandpas and dad to tell them all the exciting news. He then got an envelope out and put his tooth in with a note telling the tooth fairy that he is happy to lose his tooth, it is waiting under his pillow.

Let's hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget him tonight.

Fall Festivities

I have been informed by a few that I have been slacking on my blog...we have just been busy.
We went to St. George and had fun in the sun, we biked hiked and a few of us came home with the flu which stayed with our family the following week.


Oh, and I did a little shopping...the girls got new shoes (cute, right?)

We played some more soccer, the last games were Saturday which is good because it is getting really cold in the mornings.

We decorated some cookies...

Picked some pumpkins in the rain

Decorated some pumpkins

Much too early, we have had to say goodbye to some pumpkins already.

All of this and it is not halloween yet...lots more adventures to post (I promise).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

little red wagon

I mentioned that we gave Zoe a wagon for her birthday.

I don't think we intended it to be a permanent fixture, but here we are a few weeks after the big day and we still have the red wagon in our living room!

She loves, absolutely LOVES playing in her wagon.

Grace and Sage actually play in it too, but most times we can find Zoe happily playing in her is the perfect entertainment!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sage is Seven

Baby Sage, he was so tiny as an infant
Sage was walking at one year
Fishing at two
Being cool at three
Looking handsome at four
Playing soccer at five

Pirating around at six
Surfing at seven
For his birthday party, we took Sage and a few friends to the Flowrider after their soccer game.
After a few frustrating attempts, Sage figured it out and they all had a good time.

Sage got a new skateboard for his birthday that he picked out with his Grandma and Papa, lots of really cute clothes (we have very generous grandparents on both sides, they keep my kids well dressed year round). 

We gave him a new bike he is so excited to have a mountain bike with six gears (this is his third bike which does not count tricycles and big wheels, I guess that's what you get when your dad is into bikes)!

Sage is a great big brother, Grace and Zoe adore him
He is a good student and loves school
He loves playing with his friends
He loves soccer
He loves being active and has more energy than anyone could hope for
He loves riding his bike/skateboard/anything with wheels
He still has all of his baby teeth (much to his frustration)
Sage is a really great kid and we love him!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

plum juice






Pucker compliments of Papa Kim's homemade plum juice!

Wow a bit more sugar next time perhaps...

blocks of time

My days,

Our days

seem to be measured in


Block 1 get up and get Sage and Jeremy out the door

Block 2 get girls ready for the day (depending on the day this can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours if we have cartoons going)

Block 3 go to the park walking with friends (stupid cold weather is cramping our style)
Walk as long as we can with the older kids playing, Grace is in heaven playing with her friends, Zoe has a love/hate relationship with the stroller.
Sometimes she falls asleep which means I can walk also means that she won't be sleeping when I get home so nothing gets done (it's a tradeoff).

Block 4 get lunch ready for the girls, I hate lunches (can't ever figure out what to do) I am just happy Sage has school all day so it is one less child to feed.

Block 5 get Grace ready for preschool or dance, tumbling and preschool depending on the day. By the way, she loves school and is really having fun at her dance and tumbling lessons.

Block 6 this is the one....if the stars align themselves just right...I have two hours where Grace is at school, Zoe takes a nap and I have no errands to run (I have two free hours to read, blog (as you can see this does not happen often, clean (my least favorite) or well I am not sure what because as I said it does not happen often.

Block 7 get Grace home from school (or Sage if it is his early day) talk to her about her day while she is begging me to let her play with her friends, have I mentioned she is very social, we go through her preschool stuff and then she usually plays.

Block 8 get Sage home from school, listen to his stories, go through his backpack and assess the homework situation. Get him going on homework (sort through lots of papers, seriously between Sage and Grace we have so much paper to deal with).

Of course there are snacks, diapers and lots of chaos mixed in with all of these blocks of time...

Block 9 the wait for hubby to come home and a whole new chaos to begin...dinner!

Block 10 dinner is finished and cleaned up, kids are working on homework, getting ready for bed, brushing teeth (this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the mood), read stories and finally we can relax; well not really until they are all actually in bed.

Block 11 kids are finally in bed and I can read, watch TV or do something constructive like clean (hate that), exercise (hard to be motivated at night), usually one of the first two!

That is a day in my life...
sounds pretty mundane but I assure you that with these three kids, it is far from boring!