Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Year

My baby is one...
Despite my best efforts to keep her my baby forever!
It turns out that even when you plan, things don't always work out as you intended.
One birthday party turned into two parties due to schedules, weather and sick kids (not mine) but everything worked out great, parties are over and our baby is one!

Zoe at 1 year...
still scoots on her bum with one arm and one leg propelling her along
pulls up to everything
loves playing with Sage and Grace and misses them when they are at school
gives great hugs and kisses
has crazy hair (but I can't bear to cut it)

loves cupcakes

perfect little hand in the cake

has mastered the art of throwing fits

Jack the dog did his best to clean her up

Zoe climbed in the "mini pool" all by herself
all cleaned up

Zoe loves her babies
who would make kids cupcakes this color, who would buy them? (oops)
(it was a mess to clean up, stained her hands)
We gave Zoe a little red wagon

Happy Birthday, baby girl!
We Love You

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fab Five

The Fab Five are on America's Got Talent tonight...
they are in the finals!

I grew up with these girls, one of them was one of my best friends in high school, we still see each other and stay in touch. 
They are beautiful, incredible dancers and so much fun to watch.

In the past I have honestly never gotten into this kind of show and certainly never voted, but we have had so much fun watching (and voting) for them this summer.

Good Luck!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

big week

Grace had a big week!

She started her first day of preschool, there are 13 kids in her class.
I feel sorry for the teacher, especially since all these little ones know each other pretty well. 
Grace started her first dance/tumbling class and she did really great. 
The teacher used to teach my sister and I and she said...Grace is a natural, she has it in her blood, thanks aunt Raegan!

(we tried tumbling last year but after two classes of crying, we gave up...what a difference a year makes)
We also started soccer this week. 
This is Gracie's first year playing.
This is Sage's first year playing on the big field with real refs (it's the real thing now).
This is Jeremy's first year coaching little girls!
Cute little players
Zoe and Grace found the treats while watching Sage's game.

Grace also had two new cavities this week. Poor little thing has really bad teeth, apparently her enamel was poorly formed but she is a trooper.

I am just trying to keep up with all of the activities and get ready for another busy week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This Labor Day weekend marks nine years since we moved into our house.

When we built our house, we had no way of knowing how our neighborhood would turn out (we were one of the first few homes).

After 9 years and 3 kids...
I can honestly say that we live in the best neighborhood ever!

We love it here, my kids love it here.
On any given day, there is a whole group of kids ready and willing to play.

I love my neighbors and I love that my kids have such great friends to play with right in our (or someone else's backyard).