Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the drop off

Have I ever mentioned that Sage can be pretty intense and when he gets an idea in his head, he gets pretty obsessed with it until whatever it is happens or gets done or whatever. 

Jeremy should know by now that if he talks with Sage about building something, he better be serious and ready to do it. They talked about building a drop-off jump. 

One evening shortly after, they built the jump and we had plenty of neighbor kids gathered around to "help", it was a huge mess.
Jeremy figured he better try it first and I think he was secretly nervous but how can you be with a bunch of kids watching!
After Sage saw his dad, he was off and jumping.

The kid is good, he is very good!

Disclaimer: Sage now has a full-faced helmet to wear for jumping and mountain biking with Jeremy 
(he also has a regular bike helmet which I am proud to say he wears religiously).

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Grade

My baby started first grade last week. He was all ready to go to the bust stop and of course would not let me take him to school the first day. He did let me and the girls walk with him to the bus stop the first day.

He looked so cute and was so excited to finally wear his DC shoes, we have since gotten a DC backpack as well because he informed me that his was too babyish (he has used it for two years of preschool and Kindergarten) so it has served us well and now on to brand name backpacks?

This will be a very long week for all of us. 
Sage being gone all day makes our house VERY quiet!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We just can't seem to get enough of the 


Yesterday, there was an article in our local paper about bats and what to do if you have them in your home etc. 

I got a little concerned after reading that if you wake up to find a bat in your room you should assume that you have been bitten. 

Apparently their teeth are very tiny and you may not notice a bite if you were sleeping.
Since coming home I have not looked anything up on line so I decided to start googling. 

The more I read, the more I grew concerned but kept thinking I am overreacting 
(which I do often).

I emailed a friend of mine who is a pediatrician and she suggested I start with contacting the local health department and Wildlife Resources. 

After many phone calls telling our story and a few hours I was becoming an expert. I spoke with my health department, Idaho Wildlife Resources, the health department in Island Park, expert epidemiologists and our pediatricians office countless times, (no one knew quite what to do so they would refer me back to someone else). It kept going full circle but finally it was determined that we all needed  to go through the

Rabies Vaccines!

we had all been exposed enough and could have come in contact with a rabid bat at any point on our trip (you don't have to be bitten necessarily).

That was easier said than done, first we had to find out where to get the vaccine, most people thought we could go to the health department (wrong), the local family doc (wrong), insta-care (wrong). 

I also did not know that if rabies goes untreated and the symptoms show up, it is fatal almost 100% of the time...that was it for me


By the time Jeremy got home from work (early because he and Sage were going backpacking) I was hysterical and frantic trying to figure out how to get this done (we were out of time since our exposure was 12 days ago). 
He figured I was overreacting

We ended up at the two local hospitals in our area.
My husband 3 kids and I spent 3.5 hours in the IV Therapy lab working on getting doctors orders and finally getting the first series of shots. We wiped out the supply at that hospital. My sister and parents went to the ER at the other hospital.

Luckily we worked with some really great people in the IV Therapy lab (they stayed 3 hours past their shift to help us), a great pharmacist and a wonderful family friend (who is very knowledgeable about this and told Jeremy we were doing the right thing) he called in orders for Jeremy and I.

When we finished Jeremy did say I was right and thanked me for getting all the facts and working on this 
(see my overreacting paid off big time).

What a night, what a vacation, what a mess!

We are all now set to go through the series, which means another 3 visits and 3 sticks. 
Despite what you may have heard and what I had heard, the vaccines themselves are not too bad...the bureaucracy to get them is much more painful.

Jeremy and Sage are off this morning backpacking 
(hopefully they don't encounter any rabid animals) 
but if they do, they are covered!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Island Park

I think I needed a vacation to recover from our vacation!

Spending time with my family for the week could not have been better...we all had a really good time (I think) and we certainly have some unforgettable memories.

We stayed in this beautiful cabin, it is over the top nice and is likely worth several million dollars. 
I went with my family and the kids and Jeremy came a few days later...
On day one, Zoe had a fever and was VERY fussy
By day two she still had a fever and was inconsolable so I found the local doctor (who was great)

Zoe had an ear infection in both ears and something about her tonsils
We found the pharmacy back in Aston and after a few days of antibiotics, she was on her way to feeling better.

She fell asleep in her seat while she was supposed to be eating
(poor little thing)
She spent a lot of time falling asleep on people for the first few days.

The first day, we also discovered that the keys got locked in my dad's truck.
(Grace spent a night without her blanket since it was in the truck)
Luckily, Jeremy picked up a spare set of keys for us...

and at this point we were feeling like we had our share of trouble for the trip.

We paddled the rivers, we biked, we fished, we ate, we hiked, we visited the doctor, we found a pharmacy, we saw animals, we saw geysers and hot pots, we laughed and I am pretty sure we cried too!
I love the painted pots at Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful
Grandma and Zoe watching fishermen off the cabin balcony

Jeremy and Sage fly fishing
Grace and Sage just waking up after a much needed nap in the car
Sage was ready to go fishing

This is the view off the cabin balcony which sits directly over the snake river. We were lucky enough to stay in this cabin once before when Sage was Zoe's age 6 years ago and we remember it fondly. We also remembered watching the bats flying outside at night catching all of the bugs off the river.
We floated box canyon on the snake river several times and the kids loved it. When Grace first saw the rapids, she almost jumped off the boat
Sage did a great job paddling on the more mellow parts of the river. He also rode quite a few miles on his bike over the course of the week (like about 50)!
I thought I should share all that fun first because we really did have a great time.

We floated Big Springs which is a very slow, shallow, mellow river and I thought it would be fun, unfortunately it was too slow and the kids got bored. 

Zoe screamed the whole time (I thought I was going to go nuts being stuck in a little rubber boat with a screaming baby for 2-3 hours) she was not the only one crying by the end.

On this trip, we had a more up close and personal experience with the said "BATS"!
My parents friends own this cabin and they had said, we have had a few bats, but here is what to do if you find one. 

A few turned into ten that we found, they could get in through all of the little cracks and splits in the log cabin.

After the first night of Raegan and Sage sleeping upstairs, she discovered what she thought was mouse poop, so of course me being totally freaked about mice, we ran to the store and set the traps 
(problem solved)

The next night we had some friends of my parents over for dinner, they were just leaving and I looked up and saw a bat falling onto the floor (probably dying). 
Ok, no problem we can handle this, we got the bat out...
 no mice, no bats!

The night after that, friends over for dinner again, everyone getting ready to go and we need to get some sleep so we can get up early and head to Yellowstone, dad says, should we get to bed? I say, well dad Susie and Elliot leave and the bats come out and sure enough just as I spoke it...the bats came out!

This was the night that Jeremy and my dad are running around with nets, we (mom, sister, me and kids are screaming, not sure if we are laughing or crying...probably both) we got 4 or 5 that night.
Sleeping after this is a trick of course because my heart is pumping and the adrenaline is rushing though my body.

The next morning, the kids are just walking past and say...hey look there is a bat flopping on the floor.

Ok so at this point, the bats are getting old and this story is getting long.

Every night Jeremy and my dad would search the bedrooms each night before bed to be sure there were no bats. And each night they did this they assured us there were none in the bedrooms, my mom was sleeping with Sage and Raegan (the bats caused a lot of musical beds) and sure enough there were bats in her room. She was up half the night listening to them and worrying about them, landing on Sage, by morning, she was trying to call my dad who was upstairs on his cell phone from her cell phone to come and get the  damn bats!

This scenario of the bats in my mom's room happened two nights in a row (those little suckers could really hide) and at that point, I am pretty sure she was so sleep deprived, nothing mattered.

On the brighter side, my dad and kids would spend the days hunting bats and looking for clues as to where they were getting in, I think they found a few of the spots.

Toward the end of the trip, my mom and I were so tired. We had my dad "Google" the bats and we ended up sleeping with the lights on, under a sheet tent on our beds 
(we learned that they won't fly in light and if they feel threatened they might bite, duh).

Looking back it seems that we should have left, it seems that we should have just given up, it seems that we were really lucky that someone did not get bit. 

At the time, I guess we just figured we could just stick it out and we did not "Google" the bats and realize just how dumb we were until almost the end of our trip. 

Our count ended at 10, some dead some flopping on the ground almost dead and some flying high!

Apparently these bats are a protected species
(not to worry, the cabin seems to be a safe haven for them)

Note: the cabin owners did not realize just how many bats they have in that massive cabin, I can't imagine how they will find all of the holes.