Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

To all the Fathers 

in our lives

Happy Father's Day

To our daddy...
Thanks for always having fun with us!

To our Papa Kim...
Thanks for taking us on all kinds of adventures and helping us discover new things!

To our Papa Aaron...
Thanks for cheering for us at our games and making sure we don't miss a local rodeo!

To our Great Papa Lester...
Thanks for keeping us young!

We love you all
our lives would not be the same without each of you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wasatch Back

Ragnar Relay

Think of it as a 188-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. Teams will party along the backside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains from Logan (85 miles north of Salt Lake City) to Park City, Utah (15 miles east of Salt Lake City).

Jeremy just got home.

He participated in the Wasatch Back this year.

He is now sleeping on the couch, where I am expecting to find him for the remainder of the day (or two).

Last night Morgan was full of runners and support vehicles, we got to see Jeremy start the second leg of his race at the Porterville church at about 10 p.m.!

He did a great job, as usual with not much training.
He is a natural athlete
Sage seems to have gotten that gene
We are still waiting to see about the girls.

Love you, babe you did great!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

9 months

Zoe is nine months old...

She is our little slug bug, she is not really motivated to move around.

She is still not big on rolling
No attempts at crawling in the works
She still loves her mommy like no other
Her first word is dada (he worked on her for weeks)
She is so sweet with her 2 tooth smile
Her giggles are contagious
Her dimpled little pudgy hands grab everything within reach
Her throne is my bathroom counter (her very favorite place to sit)
She is usually very content to sit and play with toys
Of course she would rather someone carry her around
She has the most beautiful blue eyes and long black eyelashes
When she sits, she is always moving her feet (one day maybe she will run...really fast)

I took her to her "well baby"  doctor appt. today. All is well, nothing to worry about as long as we can get Zoe motivated to move, our pediatrician laughed at her laziness.

Zoe's stats
Length 27 in. 30% 
Weight 16.3 lbs. 10%
Head circ 44 cm. 55%
Her measurements are very close to where Sage and Grace were, all pretty small.

She is my little peanut!

rain rain go away...

Never mind, we will instead
We are all so tired of this cold weather and rain...

My mom decided at the last minute to go to St. George. She asked if we wanted to go and within 2 hours, we were off (fastest packing job in recent history for us).

We were hoping Jeremy could join us for the weekend so I drove by myself with the went well, although I truly am not a night driver, especially long stretches. Once we hit Cedar City, I was thrilled to see life again and lots of lights and billboards, anything to look at other than red taillights ahead.

We had a good time, even though Jeremy could not come. It was a quick trip for us...but a good one and the sunshine was worth it.

There was a great park right behind us. We went hiking, the kids rode bikes with Grandma and Papa and there was much time spent trying to trap chipmunks.

The drive home went pretty well until we stopped in Nephi for gas and got soaked running into the gas station. It was raining so hard between Nephi and Provo, I could not hear a thing, too bad the roads were too wet and scary to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while!

Thanks Grandma and Papa, we had a great trip!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yes, soccer season is over!

Sage's little team did pretty well, he has a few great players and he is finally figuring it out.
My little T-ball player...

She may not really know which way to run after hitting the ball (yes she can hit it) and she may not really care to try and catch in the outfield but who cares when you are this cute!

Monday, June 1, 2009


In a word, we have been busy!
Our little feet can't run any faster!

I can't believe May is over, it can't be June already.

We have machine pitch baseball, softball and T-ball 4 nights a week, at least soccer season is over.

Sage has officially graduated from Kindergarten and Grace has finished another year of preschool.

My parent's pool is now open...our summer has begun!