Thursday, May 21, 2009

St. George

We spent the weekend in St. George.
My grandma has a time share for a house on a golf course, we have been going for years.
Great memories are made each time...this time was no exception.

There was no fun left to be had, we did it all...hiking, biking, swimming, playing, catching lizards, watching bunnies, quail and road runners.

We found a new water park very close to the house.

Zoe hanging out in her little shade tent.
We were all exhausted each night...Sage looks a bit sleepy on our hike.
Grace did great and has become my little model for the camera.
Zoe was a trooper for all the activities

We found the Life is good store 
(and couldn't resist splurging on a few items)
All the desert flowers were in bloom 
There are little bunnies like this hundreds of them on the golf course when the golfers are away
This is the view from the golf course we play on at night
Zoe coming up for some air
(see below)

She liked drinking the pool water
Grace loved her new mermaid floaties
Zoe's first time in a pool.

Until next time...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was great.

I got myself pics of my kids taken by this lady. Well it was for my mom and mother in law too, but mostly they are for me and after re-scheduling several times due to the wet spring weather, it was worth the wait. 
More to come...

I got a new road bike, Jeremy was convinced that my old bike did not fit well (which is probably true) so he gave it to his mom. While I was pregnant with Zoe I really did not care to ride anyway, but now it will be nice to ride a little with the family again.

I got the best little gifts from Grace that she made at preschool too...her paper made me laugh.

"My favorite thing to do with my mom with toys"
"My favorite meal my mom makes is...eggs" (so sad I can't cook)
"You should see my me stories!"
"My mom is probably the ever!"
"My mom is so smart she could probably count to...6"
"My mom's favorite book is...her books to read"
"My mom's favorite movie is...out of the mailbox" (Netflix, so funny)
"I love my mom because...she hugs me"

I went to a little program at school today with Sage just for mom's, his class then did a mommy makeover. The girls were more into it, Sage was not thrilled or not thrilled with the selection of makeup I brought, but either way I did not come out looking like a clown! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey

Bailey is our most favorite (and only)
girl cousin and niece! 

We are so happy to live to close to her so the cousins can play together often.

While Bailey may love dolls, dresses and the usual girl stuff, she can give Sage a run for his money and anyone who can keep up with him must have a wild side!

Happy Birthday 

We Love You!