Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Gear

Car seat
Bouncy Seat
Baby blankets
Jumpy seat
Bumbo Seat
High Chair

More Strollers
Extra car seats
So many baby blankets
Toys everywhere

From any room in our house, there is a decorative theme...baby gear. I can see it wherever I look in any room at any time. I forgot just how much stuff we have for a baby to be entertained. It seems like the smaller they are, the more stuff we have around.

I know I will be sad to see each thing go as Zoe outgrows the toys, strollers and seats. So for now, I will enjoy our baby clutter and our not so neat house!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I have been taking photography classes this month. It just so happened that two of my favorites were teaching classes in the same month. 

One class is taught by this pro who has taken our pictures over the years, I love her work. http://kctphoto.com/

The other is taught by this great lady, her pictures of children are absolutely beautiful.

They are both incredible photographers with such different styles...I am so lucky to learn from such talented people.

I signed up for the classes hoping I would learn a few things and take better pictures of my kids. I am learning a lot and having fun despite being overwhelmed with what I don't know. I have much to learn. 

I will tell you that the green "auto" button on my camera is my friend (and works pretty well) after working in manual mode this past month (so much more to think about). 

I have had homework which my kids  love, Grace is a great sport and helps me by posing for pictures. Sage loves to model as long as he does not have to hold still and Zoe is just sweet as can be!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and then it snowed

Over the holiday weekend, we played a lot in the snow and had a great time. Sage went downhill skiing twice, sledding and cross country skiing. As of Friday last week, we did not have any snow on our hill in the back of our house.
We got quite a bit of snow on Saturday...And then it snowed some more, a whole lot more. Yesterday we were digging out most of the day, it was the biggest storm of the year for us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Funny Valentine

A few days ago, we spent the day (it took a long time) making valentine's for the kids to take to school. I thought it would be fun to make them rather than buy them from a box. What I didn't realize until I was a few hours into it was that they took so long, lots of cutting, gluing and tying and there were a lot to make.

We did finish them and they turned out cute (I thought). I asked Jeremy if he knew what they said, of course he did not so if it is lost on you too, they say XO (hugs and kisses). 

So much for creativity, I think we will buy them next year!

Grace took her Valentine's to preschool to pass out and I am not exactly clear as to what happened but she brought them all home in the bag I sent them in...I am thinking the concept was lost on her but she did bring home Valentines from the other kids along with a few extra!

Things I Love...

my husband
my kids
my parents
my sister
my in-laws
Parties (of any kind)
my husband's homemade pizza
Eating out
Swimming at the pool
Our neighborhood
a clean car
Living close to family
my computer
Reading with Sage and seeing him learning 
 a clean house
Anything related to babies; blankets, clothes, hats
Lab Puppies (that is why we have two)
Dressing up my girls 
Finishing a project
my camera
Kids clothes
my kids just out of the tub, snuggled in their jammies
Playing with Grace and her babies
a great book
Watching a good chick-flick
Holding a sleeping Zoe
Children's books
Watching my kids sleep
Watching Sage and Grace play with Zoe, they are so sweet
Our quiet house at the end of the day
Happy Endings

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A few weeks ago I started going to Sage's class to help. I was not able to help when he started Kindergarten because we were having Zoe and then for a bit I was not sure how long I dared leave her without a schedule and a bottle, but in January I figured things were settled enough that I could help. I take the girls to our old sitter who they miss and we all love.

I have always been in awe of great teachers and the incredible job they do with our kids. But this experience has given me a whole new respect for Kindergarten teachers. Take 20+ five and six year olds and try to get them to learn, listen, not talk, not fight, not be bored, not be lost and most importantly...love school, these teachers must be angels!

I love going to Sage's school, he is so cute when I come and I love seeing him interact with his friends.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This outfit is one of the few I have bought for Zoe, I got it in Park City months before she was born from http://cadeandco.com/

I love that this company is local, started by a mom who was looking for comfy, great shoes for her babies.
I love these shoes, they are so great and really cute (and they stay on)! Grace wore them every day through her babyhood, she even wore them when she was toddling about. Zoe just had to have a pair and they match her outfit along with many others, pink is so versatile!

I just wish I had known about these when Sage was a baby!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I like the sound of that...I think I will be thirtysomething for a long time.

What a great way to celebrate, fun in the snow and it was such a beautiful day we loaded up on our Vitamin D! 

Pineview Dam is perfect for snow shoeing, cross country skiing and we even had a great sleigh hill. 

Oh and Jeremy and I did make it to the movie...the kids did great with my sis. I fed Zoe and we took off (I was a bit worried and did not dare try dinner and a movie). Unfortunately, we should have gone to dinner instead because the movie was not so great. Jeremy was ready to shoot me for picking it. 

If you have not already seen, "he's just not that into you" save your money, because there is a new movie coming out with Matthew McConaughey in it and when this man is in something who really cares whether it is good!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


It is my birthday today. I love that it is on Saturday so no one has to work. I don't love that I am one year older. I even had to renew my drivers license in person this year, new picture and all.

I thought about trying for dinner and a movie with my hubby but reality quickly set in...
We are not entirely sure that Zoe takes a bottle, certainly not well
Zoe has been sick and is still off her schedule

That rules out leaving Zoe so we thought about taking Zoe along but...
She is still not feeling 100%
Everyone everywhere seems to be sick, not a good combo for a little one
She likes her own bed at bedtime, not sure a movie theatre is a good substitute

Not to worry, I would rather spend the day with my family...it will be great because it always is!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

dirty little secret

I write about this not to complain but for journaling purposes I feel I should remember. May I just say that there is a dirty little secret about pregnancy that no one tells you. The timing may vary but about four months postpartum, you will lose your hair and it is not small amounts, you will notice, 
your hairdresser will notice!

I would not trade pregnancy for the world but it is such a bummer! How long does it take for your hormones to return to normal after pregnancy? I can only guess that it is probably another nine months.  That is what they say about the weight loss and losing your baby body, it takes nine months to gain the weight, you can't expect to lose it right away. The first time around I did not believe that for a second and imagine my surprise when I could not get into my jeans...for a while!

And if you are nursing then your hormones and body are in a different universe, nothing will return to "normal" for a very long time!

Just to be sure it does not seem like I am complaining too much...I love being pregnant, I love nursing my babies and cry when it ends. 

I will happily lose my hair and forego hormonal balance, and a skinnier me for my babies! 

Costco Man

The other day we were checking out at Costco and the Costco man looked at Zoe and said, "good thing she has that bow in her hair, that is a lot of blue for a girl." Now does this blue sweater look anything like a boy? Not to mention that she was in her pink car seat!

We love Costco anyway, despite the man being particular about baby colors. They have some great treats, my mom always finds the best crackers and chips, the other day she served us pistachio crackers (yummy!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sicker Bowl

Here are my kids...all much happier in this picture than they have been over the past week. 

We have had...

Ear infections
More Colds
More Ear infections

Did anyone other than me do a happy dance once January was over, I told you it is not a great month.

Poor Grace had the first cold and ear infection followed closely by Zoe with a cold which we later learned is RSV. Anyone with a baby knows about RSV and it strikes fear in the hearts of parents (at least it does with me). Luckily so far she is doing pretty well other than being very sad, her breathing is okay (that is what you have to watch for). We are not out of the woods yet, but today at yet another Dr. visit she said her chest and bronchial area is clear. She also found that Zoe has a nasty ear infection as well. Poor little thing, no wonder she was so sad all weekend. 

We went back to the pharmacy for more antibiotics, purchased a new forehead scanner thermometer (like the ones at the Dr.) I learned on this last round of sickness our ear thermometer must have died, it was reading temps of 92 and 93 when I knew I was normal and the kids had fevers!

Oh and the best part, once we learned that Zoe had RSV, the doc prescribed a suction machine to keep her nose clear of mucus. The home health care man brought it and showed me how to use it...the kids got a kick out of the technical term they use, BBG (Baby Booger Grabber)!

I am hoping everyone is on the mend, Sage has a bit of a cold but with any luck he can fight it off and I am battling all of these bugs like a warrior (fingers crossed).

Of course yesterday was the Super Bowl and normally the day is spent with family and friends, often at our house. Needless to say, we stayed home with three sick babies. Jeremy was such a good sport considering he had no one with him to actually watch and care about the game. I am pretty sure that is the first time in his life he has watched a Super Bowl game alone without a large group of testosterone! There is always next year.

Here's to February, yeah!