Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Shoot

I realized that I have not been taking very many pictures of Zoe so Grace and I decided to do a mini photo shoot this morning.

Grace was a great help and a very cute model.

Zoe was such a good sport and such a cutie at 6 weeks old!

All good things must come to an end, even Zoe knows when she has had enough.

Indian Summer

Yesterday we went to play at Grandma Debbie and Papa Kim's house, it was such a beautiful day. The kids discovered the abundance of leaves on the ground...

Sage and Grace did "help" Papa rake the leaves before they jumped and played in the piles.

Zoe slept through the day in grandma's arms.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break

This year for "Fall Break" otherwise known as opening weekend of the deer hunt none of Jeremy's family had deer tags. They decided to go fishing and camping at Flaming Gorge instead. Jeremy took Sage and Grace, there were four adults (all guys) and five kids and they had a great time.

Zoe and I stayed home and it was as so quiet, our house has not been so silent for a weekend in a very long time. We did go to Park City shopping with the women of Jeremy's family, Zoe was a trooper and we had a good day. It is always fun spending time with all of those great shoppers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zoe is 1 month today!

I got Zoe's pictures taken when she was two weeks old, they are so cute. I can't believe she has changed so much already. It is hard to believe she is a month old already, time is going way too fast!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daddy's Girls

Zoe gets fussy at night, Daddy finally did the trick and got her to sleep.

We thought Grace was asleep, but she needed one more love before bed.

Lights out for everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sage!

On October 3, Sage turned 6!

I did not want to have a big party this year, he has had one every year and this year seemed like a good year to skip it. I am not sure if that was a good idea because he had several mini parties instead! (here is one of several cakes).

We did get to swim for the last time this year with our cousins, it was good but so sad to see the end of the pool season, it will be missed!


Grace is such a cutie and she tries to be such a big girl all of the time. She picks up most of what people say or thinks she does. After Zoe was born, Sage and Grace were at the hospital and were able to watch Zoe get her first bath in the nursery through the window. When Grace came in to see me, she hopped up on the hospital bed and said...
Mama our baby was screaming like a bloody nose! (I believe she meant bloddy murder).

We have had frost on our grass and windows and patio furniture the last few mornings, Grace asked what it was and I told her it is frost. The next thing I know she is telling me all of the things outside that have frosting on them!

Baby makes three!

With the addition of Zoe to our family, things are more complicated. Runng errands is not so appealing anymore with three kids, I was so spoiled with Sage and Grace because they are so self-sufficient. Zoe requires more gear than the rest of us combined! I know that everyone knows this about a newborn, I think Jeremy and I just forgot.

Our days now go something like this...get up and get Sage off to school. As long as we don't have to go anywhere, Grace, Zoe and I get going at a snail's pace. Most days we are dressed and ready for the day by the time Sage gets home for lunch! We are adjusting pretty well and the kids are having fun with Zoe, they are so cute always giving her kisses and loves.

Oh and yes, Zoe has a LOT of pink stuff!