Thursday, July 24, 2008


My nesting instincts are in full gear right now. The other day, I bought this new stroller and car seat. We figured after 6 years, it was time for a new one and since we know that we are having a girl, we might as well go all out for PINK!

So the bad news is that once I got it all put together, I gathered all of the various parts, car seats and boosters and tried all of the configurations in my car. My kids are on the smaller side and they all have to be in booster seats and/or car seats. My car has built in booster seats on the sides which is wonderful for Sage but Grace has about 5 lbs. to go for that. At the rate she is growing she might just be 5 before that happens. I did figure out a way to make my car work, it is "almost" impossible and it will be tough to get all of the seat belts buckled, forget about extra space and Sage will have to stop growing while Grace needs to put on a few lbs!

We love our Volvo, it is the best car, it is great in snow, I love that it is not too big and it is stil a car, it has great cargo space and gets much better gas mileage than the alternatives we are looking at. It makes us very sad...but after last night's experiments with car seats, getting a new car is quickly becoming a reality.

On the other hand, maybe Sage will stop growing!

the Pool...

My parents are the very best...they put in a pool this summer and after a lot of waiting for contractors and fixing mistakes, the pool is finished!

Papa Kim and Sage are having a great time, Sage is such a gret swimmer already I can't believe it!
At first, Grace was not too sure and did not like getting too wet. But...after a few trips to the pool
She has found her place and is much more comfortable in the water.
Papa Kim bought this very special rock for the pool area with just this in lizard bathing in the sun to get warm!
Needless to say we are very frequent visitors of the new pool. We love it, we love you Papa Kim and Grandma Debbie and we love to come swimming with you!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ten years has gone by...

To my husband, I wanted to tell you how much I love you...for the man that you are, for the husband that you are, for the father you are and for how hard you work (and play) for our family. I love you more each day.

Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Better late than never, in early June we went to Moab for a mini-vacation. We had a great time swimming, hiking and biking. We were pretty spoiled and stayed in a nice condo rather than camping, it was great!

Sage and Grace loved the slick rock and climbing all over it, they are great little hikers.

Grace also loved playing in the sand, anything we could find as long as it was not too hot. We got to a trail head and the kids had to go to the bathroom before hiking, they had the old outhouse version of bathrooms, the ones you can smell a mile away. Needless to say the kids were both disgusted with it and hurried as fast as they could to finish. Grace still talks about the disgusting potties in Moab. Apparently we need to expose them to a bit more of the outdoors...rather than condos.

Watching Sage on his bike jumping slick rock trails scared me to death, it was a good thing I did not see him on the 11 mile bike ride Jeremy took him on. He said the kid was incredible, it is hard to believe he is not quite 6 and he rides so well. Takes after his dad I guess.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last Days

This week has been the last for a few things in our lives...some for good and some for this year.

My company completed a major personnel restructure this week and as part of that I was "laid off". As of Monday, June 30 I am no longer employed with OTI and after 15 years I must say that it feels good! They were pretty decent and the severance package is better than I thought it would be (I knew this was coming) so now it is time to move on.

Who knows what is next for me, but for now I will enjoy the rest of the summer with my kids, get ready for a new baby and then be incredibly busy with three kids!

Sage and Grace have been taking swimming lessons for the last two weeks, today marks the end of that for the summer. Sage is a regular fish in water and loves every second of it. Grace on the other hand is pretty timid and it has taken some bribing to get her in the pool each day. I will be happy the lessons are over for another year.

Grandma Debbie and Papa Kim are getting a pool that should be ready later this hopefully both kids will turn into fish in no time!

Sage has his last coach pitch baseball game tonight. Jeremy has been the coach and it has been fun for both of them. They are not the best team, but they have improved over the season which is all we can hope for, especially since early this spring they played in some pretty bad weather.

Maybe next week we will move on to "firsts".